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What is Digital Alexandria?

Digital Alexandria is a way of cataloging and storing the collective Arts & Sciences knowledge of the members of the SCA.  How often have you wished to be able to read someone’s research, or attended a class only to have lost the hand out?  Maybe you want to start researching something but don’t know where to start?  This website contains A&S projects that have been submitted by the users.  You can search for projects by meta tag or feel free to “browse the stacks”.

How to Submit a Project

Please email your A&S project to alexandria.submissions [at] midrealm dot org

As this is not a peer reviewed library, all submissions must have the author’s email in their submission so other members can contact you with questions or comments.  Please make sure any sources are sited, and in word, excel, or PDF format.  Please ask if you have questions with formatting!  If you have included images in your research, please make sure it is licensed to share under Fair Use Doctrine.  For performances, please include a link to youtube or vimeo.  Please include the A&S category and any suggested meta tags.  Once your submission has been received, you will be sent the SCA Grant of Use form.  Please sign it digitally and return in order to grant permission for publication.

The authors retain all rights to their work.  No work will be published without the authors permission.

Thank you,

TH Sayyida Ays,e Al-Rumiyya

Curator, Digital Alexandria


It is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and does not delineate SCA policies. All material hereon should be considered under copyright protections according to U.S. law and international treaty, and may not be reused or linked to without the permission of the author, artist, or other copyright owner as designated. In case of conflict with printed versions of material printed on this page or its links, the dispute will be decided in favor of the printed version unless otherwise indicated.  The SCA, Inc is not guaranteeing the quality or validity of the information placed on this website.

The Kingdom of Zion in Muenster of 1534

The Kingdom of Zion in Muenster of 1534 by Christoffel dAllaines leComte

What follows is a review of historical accounts about an event of social and religious
significance. Everyone has different religious beliefs and this work is not intended to denigrate
any of them. The radical behaviours of the people in this situation were viewed at the time
through the lens of people with very ideological points of view that held their beliefs as sacred
and unbending. To a modern reader in this time of free will and live and let live philosophies
some of the actions of both sides of this conflict seem unthinkable while others seem to be
common sense.

On the Evolution of Jewish Names

On the Evolution of Jewish Names by Eleazar ha-Levi

The purpose of this paper is to trace the evolution of Jewish names from the earliest Biblical names to the vernacular names used throughout the medieval period to encourage future research and as an aid to those wishing to submit a Jewish name.  The lists of names referred to in this article are from articles found on the Medieval Names Archive and from my own research as published in various proceedings of Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposiums

Al-Kahina: Jewish Warrior Prophetess

Al-Kahina: Jewish Warrior Prophetess by TH Gideon ha-Khazar

In the latter 600s, the Arab Muslim armies that had
conquered fortified Byzantine Egypt in just two years tried to
conquer western North Africa – and were stopped for five
years by Berber tribes under by Dihya Al-Kāhina, a Jewish
prophetess of the Berber Djeraoua (aka Jerawa) tribe. In modern
times she became a symbol of resistance, with different Berber,
Jewish, and feminist groups claiming her as “their” heroine.

Persian Pattern Layout Worksheet

This excel spreadsheet is designed to assist in creating Persian garb from around the 1500s.  Insert your body measurements in the orange boxes and the second tab will calculate the pattern pieces.  Use this spreadsheet with Persian Pattern Layouts by Mistress Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees.

Persian Pattern Layouts- Measurements