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Minoan Garb Basics

Minoan Garb Basics

THL Sayyida Ays,e al-Rumiyya

al-Barran, Outlands, Known World

            The island of Crete and the surrounding Aegean islands were the Minoan civilization during the Bronze Age.  While the civilization may be considered out of period for the SCA, the influences of the Minoan society can be seen in both Greek and Roman culture.  The main primary sources of the society are frescos and tile artworks that can be found in cities like Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, and Zakros.  It is from these art works that researchers and artisans can begin to recreate the clothing of Crete.  

Persian Garb 1500s

Welcome to Persian Garb basics by Mistress Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees and Ays,e al-Rumiyya.  This post will help the user explore Persian Garb, including the different garments and how to construct a qaba (Persian cote)

Persian from Head to Toe

Discussion of fabrics and the differences between male and female garb.

Persian Pattern Layouts

Learn how to make your own Persian qaba using your own body measurements.

This excel spreadsheet is designed to assist in creating Persian garb from around the 1500s.  Insert your body measurements in the orange boxes and the second tab will calculate the pattern pieces.  Use this spreadsheet with Persian Pattern Layouts by Mistress Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees.

Persian Pattern Layouts- Measurements