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Feast Allergy Management in the SCA

Feast Allergy Management in the SCA

Baron Drake Morgan, OL, OP (Craig Jones) [email protected]

Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere, Lochac, Known World

Author’s Note: The author is from Lochac where dayboards don’t happen and all feasts are pre-booked 1-2 weeks in advance.

Introduction and Forward by Anne de Tournai, OP (Brigid Costello)

Allergy management is becoming an ever increasing issue for kitchen stewards and you need to have strategies about how you are going to deal with allergies and the people who may have them.

At the outset of this event, you set outlines for what dietary issues you would and wouldn’t cater for. However, things will come up that you haven’t thought about (or even heard that it’s an issue for someone) and you should consider those bookings on a case by case basis. I’ve mentioned before that respectful dialogue between people who are attending and people who are cooking is very important. You are a volunteer as well but you have signed up for the job. You have a responsibility to be courteous and professional not matter how frustrated you might be.