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On the Evolution of Jewish Names

On the Evolution of Jewish Names by Eleazar ha-Levi

The purpose of this paper is to trace the evolution of Jewish names from the earliest Biblical names to the vernacular names used throughout the medieval period to encourage future research and as an aid to those wishing to submit a Jewish name.  The lists of names referred to in this article are from articles found on the Medieval Names Archive and from my own research as published in various proceedings of Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposiums

Al-Kahina: Jewish Warrior Prophetess

Al-Kahina: Jewish Warrior Prophetess by TH Gideon ha-Khazar

In the latter 600s, the Arab Muslim armies that had
conquered fortified Byzantine Egypt in just two years tried to
conquer western North Africa – and were stopped for five
years by Berber tribes under by Dihya Al-Kāhina, a Jewish
prophetess of the Berber Djeraoua (aka Jerawa) tribe. In modern
times she became a symbol of resistance, with different Berber,
Jewish, and feminist groups claiming her as “their” heroine.